Dim Sum Diaries
Went to the local Renaissance faire this weekend. I thought the kids would enjoy the sights and maybe get a little cultural exposure. It was fun, though I was a bit surprised at how many people actually spend those massive amounts of money to costume themselves and their pets. In that pic below, that dress is made entirely from chain mail. I was thinking, "Wow I should buy that!"

The merchants were very nice, one of them even gave the kiddies a plagued rat puppet (free). "Go forth and spread the bubonic plague!" he replied to the kiddies' dutiful chorus of "Thannnk youuuuu!!" I enjoyed the Celtic step dance performances. I did notice that Hubby was careful to wear his sunglasses to this event, so no "checking out of the wenches and their huge, massively exposed bosoms" was too obvious.

Let's see...also saw "Flushed Away", and that was cute. Got a chance to see the Borat movie, I couldn't believe the theater was PACKED. Was #1 this weekend too, and here is an update on some of the people who were in the movie (and didn't know they'd been had).

Side note: UTILIZING THE POWER OF GOOGLE, I'VE CREATED MY OWN SEARCH ENGINE!! And you can create your own too! Pretty damn spiffy, I must say.

Ugh, brain is dead. If I think of anything else to post, I shall do so later. :)


I've never cried so much over a nose bleed.