Dim Sum Diaries
Holy Fish Sauce Batman, the Dems have taken both the Senate and House! I haven't been this giddy since 1992 when Clinton won. Then I realize this was 14 years ago and I'm thinking, damn, I'm bloody old now. With these tidings of great joy, I've begun listening to NPR again (weird huh), and I have a job interview tomorrow. Just trying to find some temp work until I hear from this other job, but with the holidays coming up and such, extra money is always nice.

I'm a little nervous, to be honest, its been almost 2 years since I last had a job...so wish me luck.

In other news, Daughter had acute pain in her side for a couple of days, which resulted me rushing her to urgent care. After waiting two hours for a blood test (we went to dinner while we waited), results were normal. And she felt better already. Better safe then sorry...but damn its stressful.

And in yet other news, I just have this general good feeling of things to come...maybe its because the Dems are the roxxors? Or maybe its those fajitas I had for dinner tonight...either way, I'll keep y'all updated... o_O