Dim Sum Diaries
On the darkest hour of the darkest night, she lay in her bed sleeping, but it was not a restful sleep. It was fitful really, she must have been dreaming about something that bothered her, for there was much twisting and turning. In the end she settled by sleeping in a reverse of her usual position, her head at the footboard and her feet resting on her pillow. The air was very cold, so she'd wrapped herself up completely in her soft, flannel blanket for warmth, looking rather like a blue burrito.

The doorknob to her bedroom slowly turned and the door creaked open. A shadowy figure quietly slipped in and paused for a moment, gauging the scene before him. His eyes sharpened as he saw the burrito-shaped blob, a multitude of thoughts racing through his mind. He walked over to his side of the bed and slipped in, carefully adjusting his sheets and curling over to the furry blue mass's pillow next to him. It was still completely dark as he pulled down the blanket and gave his wife a deep, urgent and longing kiss.

Suddenly he jumped back in shock. "Oh my god!" he cried. "Do not tell me I just kissed the bottom of your foot goodnight!!"

The Blue Burrito looked up from the foot of the bed. "Tried to slip it some tongue too. Dork."