Dim Sum Diaries
Well we went to Universal Studios today on our first official kids are old enough to enjoy the sights hellz yeah no more diaper changes and strollers vacation and boy was it fun! If you are privileged enough to be designated a friends and family on my Flickr acct, then yay you, you get to see some of the pics! Otherwise, I've noticed that I need to lose some weight (massive workout plan when I get back home) before I'm photo worthy of posting my bad ass self all over the internets again. Tomorrow at 5 am we head up to Monterey Bay to spend a couple of days sight seeing etc. Kids are intent on serious beach time, so it should be fun. No internet access, but I'll report the highlights when we get back.

Hmm...highlights of today, see inset pic, saw this and had to get it for my mom, who plans on scaring her sister May with it very soon. I was a bit disappointed that she wasn't going to eat it, since it was a good food source that would satisfy her sweet tooth AND is good protein as well. And yes, that is a real cricket in there. Uni Stud has upgraded their park since I last went (20 years agoish), there is now a roller coaster and a water ride with a Splash Mountain-esque drop in the end. A bit horrified to find I am now the quintissential Asian mum because I walked around with a large oversized hat on my head all day (no umbrella tho) and was a bit shocked at the scantily clad teens wearing bikinis and bitty bitty shorts (ok that is not a teen but that was how low cut the bikini bottom was) prancing around. I pointed this out to Hubby, who suddenly perked up and was scanning the area alertly for several minutes.

"Where??? Where???" he asked...and as his gaze met mine (I had raised an eyebrow at this at this point)...hastily added, "Oh honey, I'm sure its an outrage!"