Dim Sum Diaries
Well its officially the middle of summer! Man has time flown by so very fast, but then again I always say that don't I? This summer has been very warm (*fans self) for me...me in Cali here suffering at 82 degrees F, with the air conditioning at full blast from 8 am to god knows when. Again with the changes in life...Son will now be entering Kindergarten this fall (next month omfg). He is soooo ready, no more of that baby preschool crap for him. Daughter will be in 3rd grade...so no more tuition for preschool...thats a good thing. Son is old enough to enter the world of summer camps, which he is thoroughly enjoying, and Daughter is excited at the prospect of a week of horse camp (wonder what happens when she finds out she has to shovel the horse shit). So its a bit of snoozy time for me. The kids get some outside exposure, its a win win situation for all sides, imo.

Maybe I should talk a bit about my younger sister here as well. She turned 31 this year and has a fabu job as a manager. Everyone has been bugging her to have kids, but she's seemed to ignore the pleas....until now. I left el kiddos for a couple of days at her house and she babysat (not my mom...actually her o_O). When I picked them up, she called later that evening (and she NEVER calls me, except to tersely relay information about family matters, then hangs up). Color me shocked!

N: Hey!

Me: You...called...

N: Yes I did.


N: What?

Me (enjoying this now): Are monkeys flying out of my butt? You called?

N: Nothing! I was just wondering if you made it home ok and I was missing the kids! Do they miss me?

Me: Of course they do.

N: No really really miss me? Did they cry?

Me (rolling eyes): Yes. Buckets.

N: No really. Were they crying at the mere thought of not being able to spend anymore fabulous time with their wonderful Aunt N.?

This goes on for some time...I think she is starting to maybe think about kids...although if she read this, she'd probably kill me.


And another weird thing happened today, I find myself lapsing into Chinese phrases at the oddest times. I was lounging on son's bed today while he was getting putting his shirt on (was about to meet Hubby and Daughter at fabu Thai place for dinner). He finished putting on his shirt and he climbed on the bed. Apparently some light went on in his head and he pointed at my boobs and said, "Mommy, what are those bumps???"

Then he reached out to grab it...and I was like WHOA WHOA WHOA!!! I kinda freaked out and firmly took his hand. "No no no. Those are Mommy's. No touchy."

"What are they?"

I hesitated. What the hell do you tell your son about your breasts. "You know your...nai nai gee?" (Cantonese baby phrase for boobies).

I pointed to his chest. He nodded.

"Those are Mommy's parts...you don't touch ok? And nobody touches your boy parts? You know your boy bits? You know what I mean right?"

He nodded again...

Its always a little uncomfortable talking about the birds and bees to one's children. How in the hell am I going to explain masturbation?? I should probably call my Mom or Dad and ask them how to say it in Chinese because for some reason it sounds so less forbidding in another language... o_O