Dim Sum Diaries
Daughter has now given my many facial expressions "names" (with much glee), to denote the emotion or message I am transmitting to her, the latest of which is Stinkeye, which apparently is the steely stare of death I give when she is in mucho trouble.

*le sigh

When Son was born, my OB/GYN pronounced that he was ALL BOY. This has been evidenced in recent conversations I've had with him. For example, I was lying in his bed while he was playing on the floor.

"Hey A (Son)," I said, "Let me do an imitation of you when you are grumpy!" I assumed a playful pout. "Oh Mommy," I mimmicked, "My legs are tirrrreeeeeedddddddddd!!!!!"

"Oh Mommy!" He replied. "Don't forget you have to cry too!!"

Heh. Maybe I'm the only one who thinks that is funny.

Also last night in the car on the way home from dinner...maybe I should try to think about how to discuss sexual politics with him:

Son: Oh Mommy, let's stop by Hooters!

Me: No, I don't like that place. That place is demeaning towards women.

Son: But I like the pretty ladies. Daddy likes them too.

Me: No. That place is bad because the boss is mean to the women there. It's all about the Man making women think they can only use their bodies as an attraction. Women have brains too you know. The waitresses there are mad at their boss. They truly aren't happy there, they just don't know it...

Son: But they look happy to me!

Me: No, they are crying on the inside.

Son: But they look so happy and bouncy in their orange underwear!

Me (quite desperate at this point): Whose the Mommy in your life and who should you listen to about the state of world affairs, especially as it relates to women???

Son (noticing the Stinkeye that his Mother is giving him and knows when its time to cut his losses): Yes, Mommy.

In other news, The Ellen Show dedicated an entire show to the cast of the West Wing. It's pretty cool.