Dim Sum Diaries
My daughter wrote this story and I thought it was hilarious. She was quite tickled when I told her I wanted to post her story on my blog. Like mother, like daughter, I guess. :)

Hi, I'm P. and this is my brother A. I'm 7 and he's 5. Anyways we were taking our dog Max for a walk down our street you know where we live? Suddenly a strange fog appeared Max let out only one fierce bark at the stranger who came with a pair or scissors.

"Who are you?" I asked in a shaky voice.

"History has given me many names. But no one knows the truth."

Then my friend ran up with me. Once he did the stranger ran away.

"Who the heck is he?" asked my friend.

"I don't know," I replied. "But he's certainly strange."

By that time Max was barking his head off. A had to tie Max up because it was too much for him to hold. I could barely sleep that night for 2 reasons 1) I kept thinking about that stranger 2) Max was still barking his head off.

I heard a scream I ran to where the scream came from. It was A. he must be having a nightmare I thought. The next morning was Saturday. That means we can eat anything we want for breakfast well anything that we can cook at least. So I ran out to feed Max but he wasn't there then I found a huge hole in the fence. A hole that was big enough for Max to squeeze through.

"Mom! Dad! Max is gone!"

They came rushing into the backyard.

"Max what?"

"He ran away," I said breathlessly.

Everyone was stunned.

Well see you next time in part 2 of THE DISSAPEARING PET!

(Ed note: I put her conversation in quotes so it's a bit easier to read. I noticed she has her mother's penchant for adverbs. Also, apparently this story is a 10 parter! :P )