Dim Sum Diaries
The title of this entry has nothing to do with what I'm writing about, but it sounded interesting, so there you have it.

Lisa Kleypas just came out with her new book recently, A Devil In Winter, and I absolutely love it!! Virginal hero tames notorious rake. Hot sex scenes and it is well written! What else can I say?

I've been struggling over the last few weeks with the job situation. Should I go back to work full-time? The advantages? Making a decent/great income (enabling me to buy lots of books and save lots of money for kids college fund) and doing something career-ish. The disadvantages? When I worked at my last job, never saw the kids that much (in daycare all the time), grumpy and tired all the time.

Part-time? The trick is finding a non-retail/food service job that pays decently. There aren't that many great paying programming jobs that are part-time and pay well, are there? I talked to my mom (whom I love so much) and she's been stressing that its good for a mom to be there for her kids (kids seem to have issues with parents who work a lot it seems), and maybe it wouldn't be a bad thing to take a no-brainer office job that is part-time so I can be pretty involved with the kids. This sounds pretty tempting, but I don't know.


Of course there is that pressure to keep up with the joneses career wise. "Hey, Mir, all your paternal cousins are medical doctors, one is a lawyer and all the rest are in med school!! Your sister is a network administrator and manager in a very large, successful company!! And what do you do again?"

Umm...I got laid off and now I'm working at this part time office job...yeah did I mention I have a degree in cultural anthropology? Yeah...


In a completely unrelated tangent, Hubby comments wryly that before when I worked, he was responsible for getting the kids ready in the morning (I left for work at 4:30 am), they would dress themselves and prepare themselves breakfast. Daughter would make her own lunch and by the time he'd finished getting ready, they were all ready to go. Now that I'm home...they don't get out of bed until I rouse them. I make them breakfast and pack Daughter's lunch. If I don't prompt them to get ready, they'll laze on the couch watching tv.

Sometimes Son will lay on the floor, shirt half off and peer at me helplessly.

"Mommy, I can't move...help me get dressed peasseee!!!"

Of course I have to help him get dressed whilst Hubby snickers about what a suckah I am.