Dim Sum Diaries
Yeah, haven't posted in awhile, but in the course of job searching, was emailed this by a recuiter via monster.com...what do you guys think? :p

TITLE: External Relations Manager

In this role, you will be focused on maintaining relationships with all major web portals and e-mail service providers (Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL, etc.) in order to avoid the blocking of our e-mail communications with our customers. Our goal is to continue sending millions of e-mails per week to our current and future user base without delivery issues.

Primary Responsibilities:

-Constant contact and relationship building
-Remain up-to-date on can-spam rules and regulations
-Maintain the proper language for opting-out of our e-mail marketing campaigns, delivery of all external email communications and project management of our address book import product.

Candidate Should Possess:

-3 years + experience in account management, business development, or marketing
-Strong verbal and written communications skills
-High Sense of Urgency
-Presentation - ability to prepare and present dynamic, strategic, and understandable presentations
-Self Starter - having a passion for the business, someone who is positive and has a can-do attitude, as well as the ability to effectively manage oneself and prioritize.

Salary is $62,000- $72,000

In short, should I take up the glorious and noble career of a spammer? Not!