Dim Sum Diaries
I went to my yearly gyno visit today which was supposed to start at 11 am, but didn't get to see the doctor until 12 pm. Luckily it was a follow-up, so I didn't have to strip and engage in the stirrups (seems to be more embarassing with a male doctor). So as I sat on the examining table, staring at various anatomical charts, I decided to pass the time by pretending I was in medical school memorizing the terms of various body parts. By the way, an unfertilized egg is made of parts like like nucleus and oomoplast (I forget the others). That was yeah...lots of fun. -_-

I'd blog more about my life, but there doesn't really seem to be anything to blog about. So in the meantime, enjoy Iraqi Invasion: A Text Misadventure (Zork meets the Washington Post typey thing).