Dim Sum Diaries
It is 8:00 am ish. Lo Gung is off to work and the kids are at school and its a whole new year. Damn. It seems that every year is marked by a few memorable events (some good, some bad). Last year I got laid off, went through a bout of depression and a buckload of other things. What is going to happen this year though? I obviously have to look for a job, and the uncertainty is a bit scary. Hopefully everyone will stay healthy and nothing too crazy ass will happen.

Also, you know when a person reaches a certain age, maybe it was the best period in their life and apparently they mentally freeze a mental image of themselves and thereby dress and act that way for the rest of their lives? (hence the David Dickinson inset) No? Okay. Well for me, one who used to embrace the latest cutting technologies have been quite slow recently (yeah when i was 8, I was quite conversant in DOS on my old TRS-80, yo). When my sister N bought me an ipod for Christmas, I stared at it suspiciously for a couple of days before I fiddled around with it. Bought my first song off of iTunes and when I started dancing around the room like the shadowed people in the iPod commercial, except without the Rastafarian hair, Lo-Gung and daughter stared at me like I had gone around the bend (perhaps I had).

Lo-Gung started building a Pottery Barn-esque set of shelves for Son (he's already built a nice shelf and desk for Daughter). Son is overjoyed, and of course the first thing out of his mouth when he saw the structure taking shape was, "Ha ha my shelves are bigger then your shelves, Gah Jeh (big sister)!!!!!!!!" So then of course it had to be explained that it wasn't intentionally bigger but that the design was based on what was in the PB catalogue. I don't think the kiddies are convinced, however.

BTW, this is one of the funniest blonde jokes in some time. :)

I hope everyone has a great New Year.