Dim Sum Diaries
I look in the mirror and realize that I don't like myself very much sometimes.

Its been about a year since a whole chain of events began and altered my life markedly. Last year about this time was when they announced that they were closing my old company's offices in California and moving operations back East. There was increasing stress up until the March 31, 2005 when the doors shut down for good and I found myself jobless, a stay-at-home mom, a bit adrift really. Lo Gung kept urging me last year to try this new cool game World of Warcraft, which I did. And to his dismay and my surprise grew into quite an addiction. From April on I was depressed and withdrawn. So much so that my Dad urged my Mom to stay with me for a week or so when Lo Gung was gone on a business trip.

Perhaps I've been gone in the wilderness for much of this year. And just thinking now as 2006 approaches, that its time for me to get back into it, so to speak. You know what else I've noticed is that when people who blog get depressed or something they like to quote poetry (many times self-written) or some poignant song lyric. When I used to read that I'd be like, oh my god and roll my eyes. Now however, I am strongly tempted to do it myself, but I will refrain. :p

Anyways, I've cancelled my WoW account for now, to try and concentrate on the more important things. Like blogging. :P Trying to strategize and think about the life plan for the fam. Job options. Part time or full time? Writing...and where thats going?

Honestly, dear reader, for those who have found this blog and have been reading it faithfully (and not just stumbling upon it because of the pervy pictures), knowing that you guys are there is really really cool.

My god, could this post be any more Wheatonesque?