Dim Sum Diaries
I know I've blogged about prefering Colin Firth as my one and only Darcy forever and ever, but after watching the trailer for the new Pride & Prejudice, I have to admit I am quite eager to see it. Not only is there a cool cast, but there is enough angst and bosom-heaving drama to make any romance addict (e.g., me) nearly swoon and sigh. Not that I do that. *cough* Of course not.

Yes, it's always the scene in the end where the hero and heroine run up to each other, breathless and stare intently into each others eyes.

"I love you!" he declares passionately, realizing that he has found his one true love.

"I love you!" she replies, knowing that this is the man for her and that she is going to get the snog (and hopefully some mind blowing sex) of her life.

Moving on...

Another one I'd like to see and completely opposite this one is Jarhead, because I loved the book so much.

Daughter had her piano recital this weekend, and while it was exciting and a proud moment to see her play...the 2.5 hour concert was quite mind-numbing. The piano teacher, H, had 27 students, and they each played 2-3 songs. I think I'll have to talk to her about maybe trying to trim for time next concert. She's a great piano teacher, one of the best in the region.

However, she is a tad ethnocentric. She pulled me aside one day.

"Your daughter is very talented and good at piano. Luckily she got the CHINESE genes from your side. I know this other mixed couple, the mom is white and the dad is Chinese. I don't think their kid got the CHINESE gene because the piano playing...not so good...you are lucky!!!"

Its so blatantly elitist, its funny.