Dim Sum Diaries

As soon as it turned to fall, I've transmorgophied into a WoW playing, brownie baking mom-ish type person recently. Have been cooking up a storm, and am making massive plans for Thanksgiving.

A few cool things have popped on the horizon tho. For example my Le Creuset dutch oven has been my best friend recently. That thing totally rocks, so much so that I am completely excited that this dutch oven themed Glorious Pot Meal Recipe book is gonna be available soon. The Olive & Sun-Dried Tomato Halibut w/Cous Cous sounds like a good one to try.

In other news, it seems that God has a new television series coming out on NBC for Fall 2006, called Studio Seven on the Sunset Strip, and looks to be a Sports Night-esque type show. I can't wait. I love him so much. If you want to find out more, you really should read The Bible.

*evil laugh