Dim Sum Diaries
I've been doing a lot of thinking lately. In terms of writing, my best pieces of work have come when I've felt strongly emotional about the subject matter. Passionate. Moved to create something, express something that will reach out and connect with the reader on a very personal level. And I'm not just talking about pink frosted cakes either. I spent a couple of hours reading over the archives the other night. This is one of my faves. Also, the Dan & Kate chronicles, which I've since taken down and only shown to a few people.

When one finally taps into that well of passion and creativity and it surges through you, and you can't write fast enough to save your life, how does one keep that passion going? Just long enough to jot a few paragraphs down for a blog entry? Then enough to produce 100k some odd words for a book? Tapping into it always seems just a whisper away, but I'm still looking. :p