Dim Sum Diaries
Andrew emailed me recently asking about how one should conduct themselves whilst traveling to Hong Kong in which one looks like but is not of the local population. If it was me (and the last time I was in HK was 1984), act really haughty when I speak in my Valley girl grumpy (long story) Chinese accent, and barter, barter, barter!!!

Just found this cool link about expats migrating back from China to a western country and the reverse culture shock they may feel, so this may make you feel better, dude. :)

BTW, what is up with all the angry asian urls? Theres Angry Asian Man, Angry Little Girls and now this Angry Chinese Blogger guy.

Anyways, funny story, someone asked me to say something in Chinese recently, I don't remember who, and when I did, they remarked that I seemed to speak Chinese in a grumpy, terse tone. Then I realized that my accent is exactly like my mother's.

Love you ma!