Dim Sum Diaries

Was walking daughter to school today and saw this junior morning dove in the middle of the street, didn't think too much about it. But on the way home, poor thing was being picked apart by two crows. Mothering instinct kicked in...shooed the crows away and was able to pick it up w/o too much trouble. Put in comfy box lined w/ cloth...called animal hospital to get name of agency who could take bird in. Got name of volunteer, sped over to her house. Her name was Stephanie, who said the wounds didn't look too bad, and the bird didn't appear too stressed. So will probably make a nice recovery.

Then got a call from a recruiter about a possible job. I need to update my resume and send it to him if I want to follow up on this. I don't know how I feel about it...

It's been a very strange morning.