Dim Sum Diaries
I swear they are bloody teaching algebra in second grade already. I was working with Daughter on her math homework and everything was going fine when I encountered this seemingly inocuous math problem:

Find the number sentence that looks the same both ways.

What I'm thinking: What the bloody fuck is that supposed to mean??????

What I say: Okay, now let's try to figure this out, shall we?

After trying to puzzle it out for a few minutes, I tell Daughter, "I'm not sure what its asking. Let's try it later."

Daughter shoots me a look. "You want me to tell my teacher that you couldn't figure it out?"

*Hasty shuffling of paper for few minutes

So I try to figure it out. I'm thinking that the answer is 8+0=8, 0+8=8. But I'm not sure. For sure Daughter inherited smartass gene from LOGUNG'S side.