Dim Sum Diaries

Its Like EZ Bake Oven-Esque, But Way More Elegant

I'd been informed that today was Mother-in-Law's (MIL) birthday. Since she'd just gotten out of the hospital, thought it would be nice to fuss over her a bit. Called MIL and FIL (father-in-law), arranged for them to come over for dinner. Decided to bake a Splenda yellow cake (they can't ingest too much sugar) in a pan similar to this. I halved the mix then it turns out I baked it a bit too long. So here are the results...a gigantic rectangular cookie with Cool Whip strawberry frosting on it (hides all the defects and the cookie-ishness of the whole thing). Tasted pretty damn good. Note the 24, even though MIL is obviously not 24, but I think it made her feel a little bit better about herself (she's been kind of depressed).


This is what the cake was supposed to look like...mine was similar in color, only not so pretty, so it was just easier to frost the top w/ Cool Whip. :p