Dim Sum Diaries

Yes, I Have Triumphed Over Bureaucracy!

Hmm, was supposed to file for unemployment when I first got laid off. Tried over the internets, never got a response. When I called the EDD hotline, could not even get into the queue to get on hold for a live person to talk to. After calling 2000x (I kid you not) and not getting through to GET INTO THE QUEUE TO BE PUT ON HOLD for 3 days in a row, I sort of gave up. Ha ha ha. Now however, after being bitch slapped by my ex-colleagues numerous times and the growing need for money, I have finally managed to get everything straightened out. Will start receiving checks soon.

Which means that finding that stupid retail part time job at the mall so I can be at home with the kids is put off until next year. Apparently, no part-time, set my own hours, high end computer job is available at the moment. :p

So yes! How to blow my first bucks? Possibly this. Or maybe milk and new shoes for the kids would be a good thing too...