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Naughty Rice
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Went to JR last night, a HK style cafe that serves a little bit of everything. Their Chinese ice tea is divine. Anyways, whilst perusing the menu, I happened upon the following and was howling in laughter.

"What's so funny?" Mom wanted to know.

"The flied lice...its...Engrish...spelled funny," I told her.

She peered at it. "That's not funny. It's Fukien fried rice. Fukien is a province in China."

"I know Mom! It's just the way they spelled it!"

"Spell it like what?"

"Like...you know.. *in dramatic whisper* F*cking...tee hee hee..."

"I don't get it," she said after a moment. "Why must you be so ham sup?" (Ham sup being cantonese for pervy)

"What's so funny?" my dad asked, jumping in to the conversation.

Had to retake a picture of this thing like 10-11x as the flash from the camera reflected off the plastic covering on the menu. They also serve borscht, which they decided to spell "horsht".

This morning, as I was trying to upload the pic from my mobile (first time), was able to do it with Blogger. I showed Mom.

"Look Mom, you send it to this email and it creates a new mobile blog for you! It's so cool!"

"So, this is the new ham sup blog you now have in addition you have to that other one?" she asked archly.

*Deep sigh. "Yes, Mother."