Dim Sum Diaries
Lotsa fun things today, finally went Flikr Pro because I am having too much fun with my mobile phone camera. Hopefully I don't get drunk then start snapping pics of myself, cuz then you know...that would not be cool.

I am up at my parents' house today. No hubby, no kids. Just me, since I had to drive my mom back up from a week of adventures of babysitting for her. I'm a daughter again. So its me, chatting and hanging out and playing the computer. Went to dim sum this morning and had the most delicious dishes. We had jung. The waitress served it to us already unwrapped and cut into several pieces. While eating this dish, Dad discovered a piece of fatty meat (very delicious).

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhh" he cried as his eyes got wide, a huge grin on his face as his chopsticks suddenly went slow mo in reaching for this piece of meat.

"I don't think so!!!!" Mom glared at him as she slow-mo'd her chopsticks towards aforementioned piece of meat to prevent him to getting it. After a clattering chopstick duel, Dad speared the piece of meat and smacked his lips.

"Mmmmm...I love the meat!" he said.

"That's like committing suicide, eating stuff like that at your age," Mom retorted.

"Oh well, if I'm going to die, might as well die happy."


As we got ready to leave, Mom and Dad were very quiet in the end. I was lost in my own thoughts and playing around with the camera phone, so I didn't really pay attention. As soon as we exited the restaurant, they started giggling like school girls.

"And why are you guys laughing?" I asked.

"Because that tiny old Chinese lady sitting next to us was talking very loudly about her lover, and how he couldn't show up today," Mom said.

I had to think for a minute about the 80 year old grandma and the possible logistics of maintaining a lover at her age. "So...she's having affair?"

"No, she's from mainland China, she's old school. Apparently back in the day, they didn't refer to their significant other as "husband" or "boyfriend". There were no such things in Communist China. They were referred to as oye-yun (love person), or lover." she explained.

Who would've ever thought that Communist China was into free love!!