Dim Sum Diaries

The Family That Mocks Each Other Stays Together

My cousin R got married and the huge Chinese banquet was held tonight. As my fam was getting ready (formal dress), Mom came downstairs, respendent in a beautiful black silk top embroidered with jet black beads and black silk pants.

"Ooh, Mum is trying to impress the males with her bosom!" my sister N said loudly.

"Well your mom always had the biggest pair out of all the sisters," Aunt G said.

Mom only rolled her eyes. "Well what do you think? Should I wear any jewelery?" She gestured vaguely toward her torso and I'm pretty sure she jutted her chest out right before she said, "Oh never mind, I have THIS."

A moment of silence followed.

"I meant the black beading on my top," she said.

Sure mom!!!!