Dim Sum Diaries

Just caught this pic via boingboing. It seems to capture one aspect of the common sensibility.

In my own life, I'm getting ready to go to a writers conference at the end of July. Found out my critique partner had one of her manuscripts final in a writing contest, so that's pretty exciting!

Everyone keeps asking me if I'm writing. Due to my own lazy-assedness and addiction to WoW and family obligations and still in a "duh" state since being laid off, I'd have to say no, not really. I do feel tho that I'm slowly gaining back some momentum and starting to get into the swing of things again. Blogging more regularly, for one. Trying to take a daily walk with the kids, enjoy the sunshine, lose some of the squiffy-ness I seem to have acquired because of not walking. Spending enjoyable time with the kids, who seem to love bickering with each other, folding laundry with me and making up their own theme song to everything (much like their father).

Caught Son the other day, dancing around the room and singing:

"Yeah...eat mac and cheese...and...shake yer booty!!!!"