Dim Sum Diaries
Just found another cool weblog by Sasha, who took these gorgeous black & whites of Gosford Castle, an abandoned castle in Northern Ireland. And I'm totally stealing the following blurb from boingboing:

Sasha sez, "Plans have been made to restore it into apartments, a hotel, and a casino over the years, but they all failed and the castle has been empty since 1983. The castle itself is unique, only one other castle in the world has been built in this style (Normandic Revival). The other castle is in Wales, and has been beautifully restored. Due to the Troubles in Northern Ireland, there hasn't been a lot of money for projects like this, which has led to the castle slowly turning into a ruin the way it is now."

Starting to get ready for Reno, packing, etc etc etc. Just came back from a weekend at my parents. I'm getting pretty excited!

On a completely unrelated sidenote, here is a warning to any prospective person who wants to marry into my family (maternal), don't piss my mom (your potential aunt-in-law) off, because you'll regret it. That is, don't invite my mom and the aunties out for dinner, then when Auntie M's significant other has gotten off from work late and shows up to dinner when it is almost finished, and he has his bowl of rice in hand with chopsticks, don't loudly say, "No you can't eat any of the dishes because this one dish is for my dad's lunch, this other dish is for my lunch tomorrow and this last dish is for my fiancee's lunch tomorrow," and force him to only eat white rice.

Because then you'll piss everyone off and I'll publish thine exploits on the internets. :)