Dim Sum Diaries
So anyone who reads this blog on a regular basis knows how much of a romance genre fiend I am. I have oodles and oodles of romance books and I think I may have singlehandedly kept the romance industry in business through the sluggish years of 1999-2004. :p

So since at home, have decided to do a bit of housecleaning. I only tend to buy romances by authors I like now, so as to avoid disasters like this. So anyways, just throwing old romances (which are in pristine condition btw) into a huge plastic bag to donate to the AmVets thingie cuz I'm too lazy to resell on ebay. I think I have over 200 books in the bag now. Hubby was in amazement when he saw 2 huge garbage bags of books sitting by the staircase.

"You are so out of control," he remarked.

Yes, I am.

Maybe I'll take a pic of it later. :p

PS - Some of my fave authors started a group blog.