Dim Sum Diaries
[begin whininess]


I don't think I deal very well with it. Which is why after I got laid off, I kinda went into hibernating mode. Besides taking care of family, immersing myself (perhaps a bit unwisely) in WoW, and hunting for a new dishwasher, I am limiting myself from the outside world. No more news junkiness, checking email, calling anyone (Mom laments, "I figure you haven't called me in awhile because you are playing THAT GAME."). Of course that means I don't feel I have anything worthwhile to write about...

Oh I wish I could blog about something more interesting about my perceived reality...like...sex starved PTA moms on the loose at my daughter's school!!! But of course no such exists there (that I know of anyways).

It's getting a bit better, I think. At least I'm blogging a bit more now. Slowly adjusting...

[/end whiniess]