Dim Sum Diaries
Okay, haven't really blogged too much about WoW because don't want to be tagged too badly as that dorky geek that plays that damn game too much. Oh wait. I think it's too late. Anyways, here's a bit of a video depicting a raid in a high level instance that went terribly wrong...yet is as funny as hell. Pay particular attention to Leroy Jenkins. OMFG, it is so damn funny. Even if you aren't into WoW, its worth it just to watch it. And you will be sucked into my world!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bwhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....

Finally got new dishwasher installed today. Two installers came to put it in. Refused my sheepish request to take their shoes off before entering the house.

"It's an Asian thing," I explained.

"Oh, we don't TAKE our shoes off," Installer Man retorted.

"Booties, then (med scrub shoes)?"


Faced with the prospect of waiting another week for some random installer who may or may not take their shoes off...or may or may not carry booties in their truck, I relented and let them step inside with...gasp!...shoes on. Hovered about them anxiously to watch progress, but after Installer Man gave me a look and said, "Um, ma'am, your making me kind of nervous," I slunk back into the office to the compy.

Ran back and forth to check progress of guys periodically. Finally they were done and out of the house, much to my relief.

Man, I'm so damn neurotic.