Dim Sum Diaries
I think I got a little happy with the garlic, and I am now paying the price. Cooked spag last night. Hubby brought home a delicious baguette from Panera Bakery, so I decided to make garlic bread as an accompaniment. Took massive cloves of garlic and chopped/minced the hell out of them. Sauteed the garlic in olive oil, then drizzled over slices of the baguette. Baked for a bit and it was delish (ate massive amounts).

But the downside of it is that I think I must be oozing garlic from every pore. Once in awhile I'll catch a whiff of it (even after taking morning shower). I wince...hoping that I don't smell like a garlic clove too badly...will report more later...

Oh well, at least won't have to worry about being attacked by a vampire today... -_-