Dim Sum Diaries

Mother Will Be So Pleased That She Finally Has Gotten Her Revenge

I hate structure. I like setting my own pace to things, doing things my own way. That's why, to the utter frustration of my mom, I absolutely hated piano. After a few years of taking lessons, my mom let me quit.

"You're going to regret it some day," she warned me.

"No, I'm so hella not!!!" I replied. (okay, my 8 year old self didn't quite phrase it that way).

Fast forward a few years, now Mir the MOM is now inflicting the same piano tortures upon her own daughter. Except said daughter actually seems to enjoy piano, much to the bafflement of her mother. It's been six months since she started...in the beginning it was very easy to help her practice because I remember the basic concepts. However, the other day the piano teacher hands me an advanced looking book.

"Oh, your daughter will be playing SOMETHING LIKE THIS soon, so you'll need to help her practice," she said.

I looked at the book. "But...but...this has...so many notes...in it..."

"Oh, it's easy, no problem for you..." she said confidently, revealing that once again, it is BIG a mistake to bullshit your daughter's piano teacher as to how much musical knowledge you actually possess.

So it seems I am "taking" lessons along with my daughter after all...sigh...