Dim Sum Diaries
Check out Badly Dubbed Boy's blog, an Asian brutha living in the UK. He's quite witty and funny. And may I say that the first time I met a Chinese with a British accent (long ass time ago), I almost fell over with shock. I was like, that is so damn cool! I want a British accent too! But who am I to speak, like you know, I have a Valley Girl accent!!

Trekked up to my parent's house to celebrate Chinese New Year and spent the night there. My mom was like, "Mir, why are you here this week? CNY isn't until next Wednesday." Had some lovely authentic dim sum for breakfast/lunch on Sunday morning. Mom and Dad kept rolling their eyes as I enthusiastically stuffed my face with things I hadn't been able to taste in a long time. Have forgotten how relational a dim sum meal is, especially if one's father is "in" with the restaurant waitstaff/cookstaff. Each time a dim sum lady came by rolling a cart, they'd hawk their wares and freely comment on the bi-racial look of my kids. Then my dad really really wanted this orgasmically delicious white noodle thingie with shrimp eveloped in it dipped in soy sauce (I have shamefully forgotten the name of it in Chinese). So he asked every dim sum lady who passed by to see if there was any available. Then of course every dim sum lady re-passed by to report the status of desired dish. It was kind of funny.

"Almost gone, they are making a new batch."

"Not ready yet."

"They only have it with beef, not shrimp."

"Almost here."

Finally got it and it was indeed muy delicioso.

In addition plz check out Star Wars costumes gone horribly wrong!!! (I chose to ignore co-workers smart-ass comment, "Mir where are you in this photo gallery?")