Dim Sum Diaries
I wasn't on planning on blogging today, but here I am doing it. Went to lunch with some colleagues (for pho), and some interesting facts were revealed about them.

*cue suspenseful music*

I've tried to avoid blogging about work, mainly because I don't want to get my ass fired. The few tidbits that slip through are about L, a female co-worker whom I go to lunch with a lot and always share a good laugh with. So it's L, me, and another two guys, whom we'll call The Mysterious E and also T.

We're eating and having a good time, and suddenly The Mysterious E said, "So I hear you have a blog."

I instantly turned to L (who was the only one who knew about DSD). "You told!" I accused. It's not something I really wanted to get around.

She shrugged. "Well, yeah."

"Yeah," The Mysterious E continued. "Why you be ragging on people so much?"

"When did you read it?" I was trying to remember if there were any recent entries in which I dissed someone (apparently I'm quite gullible).


Sigh. So it turns out The Mysterious E has a blog too. Checked it out and it looks pretty cool. The we talked about all the things I wanted to blog about work---some of the peeps there, the inaneness of the current situation, etc etc etc. But I didn't/haven't. And apparently L is setting up a blog/website of her own.

Talking about blogging to real live people who actually know you (and know what blogging is) is a little disconcerting, but cool. It's like someone who knows the secret handshake to your ultra secret club.