Dim Sum Diaries
It will the last day for some of my colleagues this Friday. I think I will be going to at least two farewell lunches. Then there is job/resume training as well---five more weeks until the day. More stress, but the end is finally nearing.

In other news, Daughter finds more proof that her mother is a dork. Went to Soup Plantation (an all you can eat buffet place) for dinner last night. I got a bowl of chili and upon my return to our booth, I exclaimed, "Oh, I must away and get the accoutrements for this bowl of chili!"

"What is Mommy talking about?" Daughter wondered.

"Oh, don't mind Mommy," Hubby replied, "She's just means sour cream and cheese for her chili. Mommy's weird that way...shhhhhh..."

Got my revenge later though. How to have fun at 4:30 am? After getting ready for work, whisper a few choice, enticing phrases in half-asleep Hubby's ear, then sprint out the door when he tries to grab for you.