Dim Sum Diaries
To continue along the theme of blog plugging, please check out My War, a blog by Colby Buzzell who just got out of the army. His writing is raw and powerful. I mention this because he has a book coming out soon (his writing is that great) and I for one can't wait to read it.

For those regular readers of DSD, know how I feel about the whole war situ (yet remained fascinated by actual soldiers themselves etc...is it the uniform?). On my commute to work, I drive by a gigantic base and often see military trucks, etc moving around the area. Yesterday on my way home, there was a convoy of the green trucks (driving the usual 55 mph, everyone else is going 85-90 mph). The back of the truck was open, and soldiers were sitting in the back, dressed in full combat gear. One of them looked directly at me as I whizzed by. He was probably in his early 20s. I instinctively waved, and he actually waved back. Then I was off (driving at 85-90 mph), on my way home. And he on his, probably nearing a rotation to Iraq in the near future. It was a quick moment but I hoped I conveyed that I was rooting for him to stay safe, even though I had no idea of who he was.