Dim Sum Diaries
Today is the day of luuuuurrrve and all that, so I must away to the store and get something for Hubbo and a little treat the kids. Hope everyone has a good one.

I must also make a mental note in the future, do not volunteer for a potluck dish that requires much cooking. Esp if you wake up at frigging 4 am. The Asians at work decided that V-Day would be a good potluck day. I then proceeded to brag all up and down that my fried rice was the best to be had in the Western United States. It was 10:30 pm last night when I realized I had yet to make my dish. And with the Asian emphasis on "must be fresh the minute before eating", it's not like I could make it the night before. The morning of would have to do. So woke up at 3:30 this morning, dashing around like a mad woman trying to make fried rice so I could hold my head high when I came to work (if I did store-bought then peeps would've kept asking me, "Where's the real deal, huh? huh?). Damn, I have another potluck tomorrow where I'm supposed to bring cornbread. Oh well.

Also have a nice screenshot of my character on WoW. I just love my gloves (Craigfist Gloves of the Gorilla)!!