Dim Sum Diaries
Mir officially has a new hair color now...its frazzled and grey!!!! Bah!!! Have begun mentoring my counterpart on the other side of the country...I am so stressed out right now. Have begun to wander the halls mumbling incoherently with a look of perpetual bewilderment. Many people may ask, "Mir, how is that any different from your usual self?" Right.

A large number of peeps (a big group of males) wandering around the office (prospective tenants?) yesterday. When I had to go wee, found them all congregated IN THE GIRL'S BATHROOM. Men and all!! Were apparently either discussing the merits of the girls' bathroom (this is toilet. toilet good...does the sanitary napkin dispenser really work???) or was possibly doing bathroom patrol (tp roll should hang above, not under). In any case, it was extremely annoying as I really had to go. One of the guys kinda smirked at me. After a pointed look at the group, I used the one on the hella other side of the building.

Oh god, now I'm so going to get fired for blogging about work toilets.