Dim Sum Diaries
So I've been living with this man for nine some odd years now and thought I've pretty much seen everything under the sun regarding him. But last night reminded me that someone you've known for so long can surprise you.

First of all, I leave at hella early in the morning for work (4:30 am to be exact), so I miss the comings and goings of ma familie. It was quite a shock last night to see Hubby get home from work, wearing a charcoal grey (one of my absolute favorite colors) dress shirt and black dress pants. And he was wearing his glasses...he looked pretty damn hot.

But that wasn't what I wanted to blog about. So anyways, his car battery died. He called to tell me about it, but was able to get someone from work to jumpstart his car. When he came home, my car was blocking the driveway (as usual), so he couldn't get into the garage (which he needed the light in order to be able to change the car battery) and he parked on the street. A little later, he yelled for my attention.



"Come help me move the car!"

"But your car battery is dead! How are you going to move it???"

"By pushing it!"

Oh. Keep in mind that Hubby has always been unusually strong and agile. In college, whilst at a graduation party, he clambered up a 20 foot freestanding clock tower with no problem. When everyone was staring at him, he shrugged and was like, "What?"

His name was henceforth, Spiderman.

Back to the story at hand, he wanted me to steer the car while he singlehanded pushed the 20,000 lb Accord station wagon into the garage. "We'll push it all the way back to the end of the street, get a running start and hopefully the momentum will help carry the car into the garage," he said.


But first he had to push the car into position (while I steered). After some grunting and mutterings of "No Mir, turn to your OTHER RIGHT," we (he) got the car into position. Since the street was a slight incline towards our house, it was a little easier to push the car forward. We started and as soon as the car hit the driveway, he began to push with all of his might, and I hit the brake as soon as we began rolling back. It was halfway into the driveway.

He sighed. "We should try this again."

"I'll push this time!" I volunteered cheerily.

"Are you sure you can push and steer at the same time."

"I'm going straight...how hard can it be to steer?"

At his doubtful look, I shot him a mean glare. "Let's just do it."

So we try it again and with MY help, we are able to get the car 3/4 of the way into the driveway. Battery is changed and and all is well that ends well.

"Wow," I tell him as he lay on the floor panting for breath. "That was quite a show of manly manliness."

He gets up and I walk over to him. I run my hand up the lean flank of his torso.

"Come give us a proper kiss then, Spiderman."