Dim Sum Diaries
Mir calls her mom on the cell phone as Mir is driving home and they have the following conversation:

Mir: Hey mom, what do you think about N's (younger sister) suggestion about making jung for Chinese New Year?

Mom (in a horrified voice): You can't make jung on CNY! You only make it when people die!

Mir: What???

Mom: You have to throw it in the water so that the big fishes don't eat the body!

Mir (tries to imagine fending off vicious, killer koi with jung): What???

Mom: Really big fishes. Anyways, it's bad luck.

Mir: Well, I guess we could just go out to dinner or something.

Mom: Anyways, it's based on this story about this guy who gave advice to some king, but the king didn't like his advice, so the king drowned him. Then people felt sorry for the guy so they made jung and threw it in the water so the fishes wouldn't eat his body.

Mir: So does that mean we have to wait until someone...

Mom: NO! Just not at New Year's. Maybe in April or May we can make it.

Mir: Okay mom...