Dim Sum Diaries
Nothing like a visit to the local adult bookstore to brighten up one's week. Since I was safely in the category of I'm here because co-worker needs to buy a bridal shower gift, I could browse with impunity. This store is apparently run by a woman, which you can tell, by the way it's organized. I headed to the video section, ready to laugh at any men who might linger there a little too long. DVDs were categorized very interestingly, by ethnicities. First there was pron from the land of Asia! Followed by afrocentric themed ones and then Spanish ones. Was briefly tempted to buy the harness swing set, but decided against it. I won't even get into the Jake "Hard Man" Jones doll, with kissably realistic lips, gryating tongue and various other bodyparts. I was pretty much laughing the entire time.

Spent most of my time in the actually decent book section, where they had couples' guides to massage etc etc etc.

"Oh look," I chirped happily to my colleague, "They even have erotic romances here!"

"Leave it to you to think the best part of the store is the book section," she said wryly.