Dim Sum Diaries
Had a restful four day New Year's weekend. Hubby and I got some Christmas money from the 'rents, so we had a bit of extra spending money for ourselves. And so what do two married old farts blow it on? Why, things for the house, of course!!

Hubby bought a new office chair because he claims the seat foam on the old one is flat (which he tries to blame on me even though his hiney has been smushing that chair 90% of the time over the course of the year). I buy these lovely Thai silk pillow cases from Resto to grace our window bench:

Pretty cool huh. Other then that, it was a pretty quiet new year. At the stroke of 12 midnight, I am sitting at the compy playing Worlds of Warcraft. Hubby is sitting on the futon, reading some science fiction book. I turn to him and say, "Happy New Year, dear."

He looks up from his book. "Happy New Year to you too, dear."

Then we go back to our respective pursuits.