Dim Sum Diaries
Well it looks like the official end of days (at least for work) is going to be on March 31. Things are beginning to wind down now, and everyone seems to have shortimers-itis. Nobody cares, nobody wants to be here, and it's a struggle to come into work every day. Since I'll be taking some time off (aka not looking for another job for a bit) I keep fantasizing how perfect my life will be after it's all over.

I can sleep in! I'll finally have time to arrange the house as I really want to. I can play WoW as much as I want. I have much more time to write now. I can spend more time with the kids. Oh wow, I'll be the total SAHM (stay at home mom). Hubby laughs when I tell him this. He thinks I'll be bored in a month. Come to think of it, my mom laughed at me when I told her I'd love to stay at home. Maybe, maybe not. All I know is, 3/31, I can't wait till you come baby.

This weekend the fam drove to my parent's house and stayed there over night. We took him out to Korean bbq and then had a delicious chestnut birthday cake (it's an Asian thing). In attempt to connect to my Chinese heritage (I'm so damn whitebread now), I perused my dad's stack of Chinese newspapers (placed surreptitiously in the bathroom), etc. to see what was going on in the land of Chinese newsprint. One magazine had me raising my eyebrows and running to my parents.

"Did you see? Did you see? What is going on here? Why is this magazine so scandalous?" I said, waving the magazine around wildly.

Dad laughed nervously. Deciding that discussing the magazine contents would be a awkward conversation with him, I cornered my mom in the garage whilst she was doing the laundry. "Mom. Some photog followed around this Asian chick and took pictures of her having this tawdry lesbian love affair on a street corner!!!"

"You actually read that?" she asked in disbelief. "The writing in there is horrible!" (revealing that she too had perused the magazine)

"Well since I'm illiterate in Chinese, I didn't read it so much as look at the pictures. OF LESBIANS!!"

She sighed. "That's scenes from a movie. Apparently some rich girl decided to make a lesbian movie and she won a bunch of awards for it."


She finished putting the wet clothes into the dryer and went back into the foyer. I trailed after her, following her back to where my dad sat in the lounger. I decided not to mention the naked women pics.

"Interesting bathroom reading, eh Dad?"

"Heh heh," was all he would say.

UPDATE: Ironically, pics from this entry are some of the most searched after on DSD. Go figure.