Dim Sum Diaries
Here's a list of things I wanted to blog about today:

Johnny Carson passes away, and is remembered as a great joke writer, a humble and generous person.

Daughters of Freya, a mystery novel delivered in email installments, looks to be pretty interesting. Via boingboing:

"Daughters of Freya" is a gripping, fun mystery novel that takes the form of a series of emails between the players in the story. The book is delivered in daily installments to your inbox, as though you were intercepting the characters' mail. The story revolves around a Canadian investigative journalist who lands a gig doing a cover-story on a Silicon Valley sex-cult. Before long, the action turns to murder and intrigue. I had a ~200-page print-out of the whole thing that I sucked back in about two hours, nonstop. Almost missed a plane so that I could read the ending, which was really tense! It's US$7.49 for the whole thing, which would be a little pricey if it were a novella-length print book, but for the three weeks' worth of entertainment this brings, that seems like a pretty reasonable price.

I've read the first part and it seems pretty interesting so far.

And finally, The Daily Show's take on Bush's 2nd Inauguration.