Dim Sum Diaries
Just found out that I survived the first round of layoffs. Let's just get it over with already, I keep telling myself, all the while being secretly relieved that I have at least 2-3 more months of steady income.

Christmas was a very nice and relaxing time. I got Hubby this kick ass London Fog jacket, which he likes to strut around in and pretends to flash me. Hah. Hubby got me more moleskine notebooks and a copy of Sylvia Plath's Ariel. The kids made out like bandits, of course.

Christmas Day dinner at my sister's house was also pretty cool. I have this thing about crispy turkey skin, it's quite delicious and I'm pretty sure I singlehandedly nibbled the whole of the turkey skin before we sat down for formal dinner.

The only dark side to that day was the bitter lesson I learned though...that little sisters...will always be the little sister who likes to tattle on you...even if that little sister is 30 years old!!! Aforementioned younger sister, N, had her digital camera with her as I sat with Mom in the front room. We were chatting away, and I, in my usual state of bullshitting, was bragging how I had Hubby wrapped around my little finger and the various techniques I used to keep him in that state.

"I'm gonna film this!" N threatened, shoving the digital camera in my face. I ignored her as I continued my diatribe. She continued to hold the posture of someone who was filming something, but I thought she was just pretending. I later find out that she did indeed film it and actuallly showed it on TV to everyone.

Hubby emerged a few minutes later, giving me a dirty (though bemusedly affectionate) look. "Ooh you are in so much trouble now."