Dim Sum Diaries
Just wanted to wish DSD readers a very Merry Christmas. It's been a very nice time, which I will detail in a later entry. We are going up to my sister's house for Christmas dinner, which I think is excellent because it means I don't have to cook.

Spent Christmas Eve with my in-laws. Apparently the men in my husband's family are prepared for everything. Whilst opening presents, I asked, "Does anyone have a pair of scissors to open this box with?" Hubby, my father-in-law, and brother-in-law simultaneously reached into their pockets, pulled out their individual Swiss army knives and cried out, "I do!!!!!!!!!!!!!" There was a brief pause after that in which I expected Paul Hogan to stride into the room, pull out his machete knife and declare, "Those aren't knives, THIS IS A KNIFE!!!" Or maybe it's me and my dramatic sense of drama. Anyways, y'all have a happy holidays.