Dim Sum Diaries
I had a pretty cool Thanksgiving, the experience which only confirmed my prowess as a star, gourmet chef. I soaked the turkey (free range) overnight in a Williams-Sonoma Turkey Brine Seasoning Mix. Made of including coarse sea salt, cane sugar, orange and lemon rind, Spanish rosemary, wild French thyme, Albanian sage, Turkish bay leaves and three types of peppercorns, it infused the bird with a wonderful flavor. I also highly recommend their Turkey Gravy Base, the gravy turned out soooooooooo yummy.

Also kind of weird to note when it turns out the fruit of my loins (aka daughter) has the same sense of dramatic flair and quirky sense of humor that I do. She wrote an entry in her 1st grade journal (like a blog but on paper) that had her teacher rolling in stitches, but since I promised not to tell anyone about the actual entry, I can't blog about it.

Work has been crazy. Have done massive amounts of Christmas shopping. Son's 4th birthday is this Monday so we will be going to Medieval Times for dinner. Daughter will love the horsies (so will I). Son will like the action (so will Hubby). I, of course will enjoy the handsome knights, with their rippling, brawny muscled selves vying in battle to win my noble hand the food.

I also picked up some Moleskine notebooks.

They seem like they are pretty cool, something I can use as an aid to further my writing...they seem evoke a certain sense of romance (at least that's how they market it)...

The above is Vincent Van Gough's moleskine notebook. Ernest Hemingway supposedly used them. I suppose it brings to mind one sitting at a tiny Parisian cafe jotting down their great work of genius in this book. Or perhaps travelling the world and sketching out beautiful images of what the traveller sees. Hmmm I guess I'm hooked on the romance of the book too. It even has a nifty little evelope-y thing on the inside cover you can store pieces of paper in.

Apparently it's quite popular, there are entire blogs and websites dedicated to it. Even boingboing got in on the action. I got mine from bn. I'm still wondering if it's actually made of moleskins.

"Could be," Hubby noted. "Moles are pretty big."