Dim Sum Diaries
I must say that I am in a v.g. mood right now.

After two days of being out sick, reluctantly trudged back to work. We were provided with a Christmas continental breakfast this morning, so that was kind of cool. Didn't eat much because it was all carbs and I am trying to preserve my girlish figure (how girlish can you be after birthing two babies, I wonder).

Hubby finally got me to try World of Warcraft. I love it so much!! It's a online RPG game and I am a female human Paladin. You could not peel my ass off the computer chair with a spackling knife...that's how good it was.

Daughter had her piano recital and she did very well. Then Son had his preschool Christmas show. He is a very enthusiastic singer. :) BTW, here is a tip, if you are Asian and live in an area that doesn't seem to have a high concentration of Asians, here is where you go to find them. DO NOT go to the local Chinatown. Instead find a Chinese piano teacher who is holding a Christmas recital. That's where all the Asian parents are. Daughter's piano teacher is Chinese, and I don't think I've think I've seen that many Chinese in the nine years I've been living where I've been living. Incredible. Also found out the location of the nearest (non-church) Chinese school in case I ever decide the enroll the kids.

Was listening to Yahoo! Launchcast, and Loreena McKennitt's song, Seeds of Love came on. It's from her album A Winter Garden (Five Songs for the Season). It's so breathtakingly beautiful that I had to pause for a moment. Author Nora Roberts mentioned LM in one of her books Northern Lights. It filled the world, a strong, sweet female voice twined around strings and pipes lifted with sunrise over the endless white... That's how powerful it is.

All in all, I'm very grateful to be healthy and have my family this Holiday. That's what it boils down to for me this year.

UPDATE: I'd like to welcome the seven (so far) readers who came in via del.icio.us! And thanks to Leslie Russell to linking me. I feel loved. :)