Dim Sum Diaries
Not really much to report lately. The month of December is all about me with my eyes buggin' out...continously scanning the horizon for tasks I need to tackle. When I see something I need to do I go all out (and slightly crazy) in getting it done.

Take for example, Daughter has a Christmas play coming up next week. The teacher sent home the lines she is supposed to learn. OMG, I think to myself, I'm thinkin the Christmas play is going to be like the final scene in Love Actually, where the kids in elaborate costumes does a Christmas play etc etc etc and Hugh Grant as the Prime Minister of England kisses his girl in the end...not that the Tony Blair (or Hugh Grant for that matter) would come to my daughter's elementary school, but you get the picture (do you really?).

So I go all out, even there is no pattern for an elf costume. I settle on a long sleeve red leotard, and a glittery red skirt. I plan to buy multicolored tights and black mary jane shoes. Then I plan to iron applique snowflakes to the decollete of the red leotard. The hats are supposedly already provided. I tell her teacher this.

"Wonderful!" she says. "Bring it to school so I can show the kids. By the way, it's actually just a play we're doing in class, it's not really a school play or anything. And so far you are the only one who made a costume."

Doh. Okay, no problem. I'm just a proactive mom. Then the teacher sends a notice home. "Parents, you should make costumes for your kids! Make sure it's all green!"

Remember that the costume I created is all red. o_O

Anyways, also heard via Berklee about this chick named Sophia Stewart suing the Wachowski bros and others (login: atfuser1 password:1z8mn0) for copyright infringement (basically they stole the Matrix and Terminator from scripts she wrote). The court found in her favor and awarded her 2.5 billion (for lost royalties...that means she gets more!!) in damages!!! Damn.

In other news, am loving the Moleskines, just found some new hacks. That's %@#%#$@!! cool.