Dim Sum Diaries
Am sick today, so stayed home from work. I started 100 Things About Me entry which you can also get to from the sidebar. I have about 20 down. I'll keep adding as I go on...

After downloading some software that I shouldn't have (no it's not porn!!). This Internet cleanup stuff for Mac is absolutely useless. After the trial expired, there is a popup window which keeps popping up until you buy the damn software. There is no way that you can uninstall it, short of being an expert. So I decide to reinstall OSX. I've done so, but cannot get my Airport card to work. So my poor Mac has no internet access and I'm using the PC. Am very frustrated right now.

Oh yeah, and I'm still supposed to be working on my Chapters to get critiqued...but with all of this holiday nonsense and me being sick...not happening, peeps.

In the meantime, enjoy how to craft a miniature orange.