Dim Sum Diaries
Ugh, I must be big time PMSing cuz all I can think about is food right now. Especially comfort food.

Saturday I was totally craving hot Asian noodles of some kind. There was no place that served a decent wonton mein, so I said to hubby, let's get FUH!. Actually, it's pho, which is Vietnamese for noodles. Went to this great AUTHENTIC Vietnamese place. Kids enjoyed broken rice and pork chops while I went into foodgasm over the hot, savory chicken broth soup (had 2 bowls). The vermicielli noodles with fried pork chop bits and spring rolls were also good. Yummmmyyyyy!

Hubby mentioned that his co-worker Sushi-man (who also is Chinese) also craves hot noodle soupy dishes like I do. Mayhap it is a Chinese addiction thing?

Also, this Cream of Mushroom Chicken recipe sounds like a good one for tonight.

A co-worker, who is Fillipino, has a mother-in-law who makes sausages. He brought some samples to work in case anyone wanted to buy some. There was this one, embutido which tasted pretty good. I sliced it up and used it to make fried rice. Pretty damn tasty I must say.

Sunday I escaped away and got some writing done. 11 pages baby!!!!! Now all I have to do is add punctuation, nouns and pronouns.