Dim Sum Diaries
Well it is Le Jour Del Destino, I'm pretty sure I'm mixing French and Made Up Latin in that phrase, but you get the picture. It definitely is a day of destiny. So go vote. That's what I'll be doing after work.

In other news, I added some new linkys to my Daily Reads section. Also I will be cozying up tonight, alternately keeping an eye on election results and watching The West Wing: Season 3.

Also, I just got a book that I ordered from Amazon yesterday, called Purple Hearts, detailing the lives of some U.S. soldiers who lost limbs, sight or health in Iraq and what has happened to them since coming back home. For example:

(photo by Nina Berman)

From The Book: Spc. Sam Ross, 21 an army paratrooper and combat engineer with the 82nd Airborne Division, was gravely injured May 18 in Baghdad when a bomb blew up during a munitions disposal operation. Photographed at his home in Dunbar Township, Pennsylvania October 19, 2003

In one case, Tyson Johnson had been wounded severely and the Army was trying to get his signing bonus back because he didn't fulfill his contract (because he was wounded). When the press got wind of it though, the Army abandoned it's efforts to collect.

I don't know what else to say about it except that you should read it. Each account is compelling, filled with despair and little hope. It's the story you rarely hear about.